Dec 14, 2011

Mucking around in the poll; Iowa Caucuses 2012

The results are:

Gingrich 22
Paul 21
Romney 16
Bachman 11, trailed by Perry, Santorum, and Huntsman

And since we're less interested in any given politician -- even Dr. Paul -- than we are in advancing the idea of liberty, let's nod to Gary Johnson who cracks the chart for  the first time that I've noticed -- at one per cent with an invisible campaign. He isn't really running for president, of course. He running to be Ron Paul in 2016.


Couple of other points:

If you lived in Iowa and watched television,  you would be be puking sick at the teevee spot saturation. As ridiculous as we find it, this sort of nonsense has its effects, so there are no sure bets. One Willy Horton spot could change everything.

Since Paul could now be considered "surging" and a probable front runner, he has a bigger bullseye painted on his back. So far, the GOP and media establishments have been content to treat him with amused condescension, but it's probably safe to bet that the opposition researchers are up early this morning, making mud of dirt and raw milk.

Declining fortunes of the holiest candidates can be attributed to dissension among the Van Der Platts Peeps evangelicals. They're all strung out about which of their one-time messiahs comes close enough to theocratic purity. Who the Hell do they think they are? Big-L libertarians?

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Anonymous said...

How I wish we could shed the Van Der Plaats Peeps... They make the OWS crowd look like Einsteins.

Since Pat Robertson, the evangelicals have been a millstone around the neck of Iowa politics.

My favorite headline this week was about Bachman being "biblically-qualified".

My first thought was "According to whose interpretation?"

Actually, she's a woman. She's never OT or NT qualified to hold any position of authority over a man if you take a literal, purist view of the Good Book. Since most of the VanDerPlaatts peeps claim a literalistic King James view, they shouldn't be supporting her.

What makes her "biblically-qualified" in their small view of the world is her objection to those people who are having icky gay sex.

Why are the Republicans always so worried about who's putting what into which orifice?

It makes me thing that whole wing of the party is just a group of closet homosexuals because they can't think about anything else.