Dec 16, 2011

Ron Paul bats .500; Iowa Caucuses 2012

The debate question was about  electability. Who can beat His Ineptness?

Ron Paul responds:

"Any one of us on this stage  can beat President Obama...".  It's a fine applause line, and he gets it,  a cheerleader effect. (Match a junior high eleven against the Chicago Bears and the school gym pep rally will  echo with promises of an upset. Republicans are  becoming persuaded Obama will beat himself, just like unpopular Harry Truman did in 1948.)   No score.

When things quiet down, he becomes his sensible self again: "... the question is, what do we have to offer?"  Then he trots out the logic which defines him, sound money, and end to warlike nation building in the Sandbox and beyond,  government as a necessary evil rather than dispenser of free ice cream. Bingo. Out of the park, Sir. Everyone who hates free ice cream will vote for you.


Embarrassment of the night: Rick Perry: "I'm the Tim Tebow of the Iowa caucuses."

Surprise of the night: Michele appears quite sane in one or two exchanges and seems to have won the point that Newt is an ass for patting her girly little head.

Winner of the Georgia two-step competition: Newt for his creative explanation that  sucking a million-six from the taxpayers via Freddie and Fannie is neither lobbying nor influence peddling.

Most disciplined hair and best-tailored suit: Mitt, for the umpteenth time, retiring the trophy.

As usual, Santorum displays the most concerned visage, just this side of tears. As a matter of simple human compassion, we need to cheer this guy up.  Next time, somebody should ask him about muffins.

Also present: Huntsman.

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Anonymous said...

Is Santorum really running? I mean, I hear about Paul more than I do Rick. I didn't even realize he was running until the Drake debate. Seeing him, my first thought was, "Who's that guy and why's he on the stage?" As the debate went on and he was asked questions, I realized he must actually be thinking about maybe running or something...

It's unfortunate that Paul's delivery doesn't have a bit more smoothness. If he did, he'd be hitting it out of the park with a 1.000.

Since it appears we can't quiet figure out where Newt stands on guns, then I can't really consider him. If he doesn't know before the elections, I'm not going to hand him the keys to the White House and hope for the best later.

I say some combination of Paul, Bachman or Perry. Paul/Perry? Paul/Bachman? Bachman/Paul? Bachman/Perry?

And, yes, I can only see Perry as a VP. He stumbles over his words way too much. I put up with that for 8 years with Bush 2 and now "Let me be clear" for the least 3.
Eleven years is too long to have to deal with stammering.