Jan 12, 2012

But first -- Gun Sale Flash

How about a chance to buy more than a dozen MI carbines, several GI 1911s and A1s? Or old Colt and SW wheelers, or EBRs by the dozen -- all in one place? And that isn't the half of it. Some 500 guns -- most of them interesting -- go on the block in nine days.

It's as good an excuse as you'll ever have to visit  Arcadia, Iowa.

The link gives you an overview and will take you to each individual weapon. There's also a portal to internet bidding, just in case you somehow omitted putting Arcadia on your bucket list.

Be alert to the 10 per cent internet buyer premium and the transfer fees. Also, if I were you I wouldn't put a lot of trust in the net bids listed so far being actual bids.

I'd like to attend, but probably won't. A full weekend in that kind of crowd is beyond my tolerance limit. Besides, I could probably spend my entire net worth in the first two hours, and I doubt Ben will print up three of four pounds of new C-notes just for me.

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JohnW said...

I was going to respond earlier, but apparently saliva can short out keyboards. And just when I discover a local FFL who handles transfers for $15 - $5 discount for NRA lifers - too. Krep.