Jan 12, 2012

Weather flash; South Carolina flash

Locally in the Camp J vicinity ...  the revised forecast calls for a 60 per cent chance of unexpected visitors, leading to a severe housekeeping event. Be on the lookout for sweeping, dishwashing, gusts of extreme dusting ... along with possible window washing and a lesser chance of shelf paper. ... all resulting in lowered expections for sustained verbal output over the next 8-to-16 hours.


In South Carolina, hazy conditions continue to reduce visibility to near zero in the salt marshes up to a short-hoot and half-holler in higher elevations. While an evangelical innundation remains possible, forecasters point to demographic data showing hard-shell, high-wind affiliates make no more than one-third of the population, while close to half of all Baja Kalankians report no church afiliation atall. Ground reports are numerous of Ron Paul sightings from low-country snob territory up to the good-ol-Piedmont-folk hills.


Further events as they happen, so keep it right here on KAY-TEE-EM-ARE, the Big Voice of the Big Country.

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Jinglebob said...

Wow! Just.......wow!

What's the chances of getting some of what ever caused the lower half of this post?