Jan 2, 2012

Christmas in America

Borepatch ferreted out a social network thread from lads and lasses in the shadow of the family tree. A sample indicates the rollicking good spirits of our twittery youth.

Sean McWhosis announces to the world: "my parents are the worst  Mother F-----g parents in the world for not getting me an iPhone f--- you Mom and Dad F--- YOU. FML."(elisions mine)

That's only slightly more vulgar and illiterate than the rest of the comments, and if you're interested in nurturing a foul pessimism about tomorrow's voters and breeders, I suggest you read it all.


Look you self-righteous little pukes, once upon a time, not all that long ago,  plastered across America, even during the Christmas season, you saw things like this, and you didn't take it as a license to call your parents or your society  motherf.....s.

Use it up-wear it out-make it do!


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the poster doesn't include the last line of that little ditty. I was raised by depression era parents, and I was taught the whole saying - it actually goes like this:

Use it up,
wear it out,
make it do,
or do without.

"... or do without."

I guess we couldn't have that now these days, could we?


Jim said...

"Do without." ?

I think that would draw a vacant gape of wonder about what such a concept might entail.