Jan 1, 2012

Focus, group.

The TMR annual refresher. It is a reminder, mainly to its author, of why it exists:

Three  kinds of people exist. 

(1) Authoritarians -- stunted cretins who  wish to use government to dictate the manner in which you live your  life

(2) Libertarians -- the opposite, believers in personal sovereignty, men and women who assume ownership of and responsibility for their own lives. 

(3) Inerts --  The rest. The wad which, in return for unearned potted chickens,  puts authoritarians in power.

We're here to fight the authoritarians. Everything else -- however diverting or amusing it might sometimes be -- is just padding.


Joel said...

I've phrased it a bit differently, but close. My version of the three groups is:

Those who want to rule,

Those who want to be ruled,

Everybody else, including me, which seems to be a very small group.

Joel said...

Should have added, hence the "null" group isn't all that inert after all, and is in its way even more damaging than the would-be rulers.

Jim said...

Your analysis is at least as valid as mine. Not to mention that it corresponds more nicely to that second Mencken statement on my sidebar.

Still, we should split a bottle of good whiskey at your lair or mine as we debate the power of your "nulls" versus my "inerts."

My term is based on an estimate the size of the electorate whose higher thought processes begin and end with "me want."