Jan 9, 2012

The Dynasty Lives

A fresh Kennedy kid is trying to decide if the fate of the Republic depends on offering himself for service in America's high councils.

He's Joe . He says he's earned  Barney Frank's seat because, in part, of his "experience." Said experience consists of a tax-paid vacation in the Peace Corps and fully 30 months as county prosecutor.  Take that, Iran!

Yes, Joe is one of those Kennedys, and in a properly governed nation that would be automatically disqualifying. Consanguinity, however slight, should be sufficient to complete the offense.

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JohnMXL said...

Are there voters still impressed by candidates who claim years of college and a J.D. as experience?

We need more candidates who have lived paycheck to paycheck, made (and kept to) a household budget, or created a spending plan for a small business and tiptoed thru the multi-layered minefields of local, state and federal regulations.

THAT's experience to me.

Loosening your tie, rolling up the sleeves on your white shirt, putting on a gimme cap and pitching a few forkfuls of manure while the camera flashes go off does not mean anything to me!

Pitch out the whole barn and we'll talk.