Jan 6, 2012

Jury Frees Grass Granny; Notorious Drug Lord Walks

A little more than a year ago a little old lady in Connellsville,  Pennsylvania was pottering about in her garden when a kindly,  bearded stranger in a pointy hat handed her some seeds.  She tossed them in her garden and shortly, fee-fie-fo-fum.

No. Wait.

And shortly they grew into seven beautiful marijuana plants, lovingly nurtured by Grandma who just thought they looked nice next to her tomatoes. Didn't know what they were, she said.

That didn't stop a nosy neighbor from squealing, nor did it stay the bold crime-fighters of southwest Pennsylvania. "On the ground, Gramma, You're busted. Do it now!"

And that high-priority law enforcement mission won her a year in the system until this week when a jury cleared her of drug possession and manufacturing charges.


At 67, Granny was born about 1945 and achieved maturity in the Age of Aquarius, or the Stoned Age, so I'm adding a pinch of salt to her story about not recognizing a pot plant, not to mention the pointy-capped stranger.

So what?

Two beautiful words: Jury Nullification.


H/T to Phyllis in Kalinky, my faithful Appalachia correspondent

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