Jan 6, 2012

New Yawk New Yawk...

...where The Masters can make a criminal out of about anyone, including law-abiding former Marine Ryan Jerome. The only thing between him  and a 3-15 slammer term is the good will and good sense of a Manhattan prosecutor.  (!)

The offense? Entering the Empire State Building, seeing the "No Guns"  sign and asking a rent-a-cop where he could check his pistol. The leased law called the real cops who clapped our man in jail for two days. He is now subject to indictment, depending on what the DA decides.

Jerome is a Hoosier with an Indiana CCW. He said he thought that made  him legal in the Big Wormy Apple. He was wrong, of course, and should have obtained better information.

So the penalty for that kind of mistake should be a long stay in Sing Sing?

Bloomberg probably thinks so.


Jinglebob said...

The sad part is that the rent a cop probably was carrying and had less knowledge and damn sure no more right to. Fricken idiots! I am a tolerant and law abiding man who would hate to ever see war in my country, but......I am about to the point of welcoming a revolution if for no other reason so you could clean up a bunch of these useless twits!

Jim said...

It would be nice if America could avoid armed rebellion by removing all useless twits from positions of authority. The main question is whether we start at the White House and work down to my village zoning adminstrator or the other way around.

Actually, I'd vote either way. :)