Jan 18, 2012

The New Obama Government: Lean and Mean, Baby

What you're about to read can be thought of as a practice question for your SATs.

If you don't plan to take your SATs, you can think of it as one of those "What's Wrong With This Picture?" features in Mechanix Illustrated in the '60s.

President Obama decided to kill the Commerce Department in the name of frugality and a a more streamlined federal government. Less than a week later he made a legally questionable appointment to get a brand new federal behemoth up and spending -- Cordray's new empire for pretending to protect consumers.

Compare and contrast. You have five  minutes. Keep your eyes on your own work.


And please stop nitpicking the question. We are all aware that His Ineptness is not "killing" Commerce. Out of respect to His high office we're pretending He is telling the truth. Rather than killing Commerce, he is spreading it around like, you know, warm peanut butter or a bovine look-alike.  By his own admission the number of paper shufflers to be laid off equals zero.

If you want my personal guess, the chief financial result will be a  multi-million tab for printing new stationery.

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