Jan 18, 2012

Warming the cockles of your heart

Confused and lonely no more, the littlest puppy comes home, wagging its tiny butt and rolling over and over in hopes of a nice snack of .25 ACP.

I tip my hat to mommydotguv for returning the little guy to the man from whom  it was stolen 30 years ago.


Title note: Dammit, I forgot what heart cockles are, and with Wiki black I can't look it up. So I put my hat back on to the SOPA freaks.


JohnMXL said...

I'm surprised the Des Moines Birdcage Liner actually ran that story.

I thought it tended to be somewhat anti-gun...or it seemed that way during the shall-issue debate.

Jim said...

The Reg can't pass up a gee-whiz story. I'm also surprised, especially that they ran it pretty straight -- without a dig at the owner for "unsafe storage" back in '81.

Tam said...

They are SOPA freaky.

Jim said...

I wish I'd gone black. Fact of the matter is I didn't even think of it until too late.