Jan 18, 2012

Why we're broke -- publik edukasun edition

Shill we danse in skule like on dansin with the stirs, err, stars?  And we kin have peerkie chear leederz two yell spirits for the dancerz 2 cuz we can get the suckers to pay for it.

The (Iowa Lakes Community) college's board of trustees ''Tuesday heard requests to offer competitive cheer and competitive dance. Julie Williams, Dean of Students, told trustees research has shown the programs would assist in the recruitment of full-time students. She added that coaches will target northwest Iowa and southern Minnesota because of the amount of cheer and dance/drill programs being offered in the area. The trustees voted in favor proceeding to the next step.''

This is a nice one to clip and save against the next time you have to deal with some teachers' union representative or academic bureaucrat caterwauling about the crisis in education funding.  

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