Jan 27, 2012

The Space-Out Coast

Down in Florida last night the best line of the cage fight was nonchalantly delivered by Ron Paul. "...that debate doesn't interest me very much."

He was addressing the unzipped front-runners, two-handedly swinging their members at one another about whose investments were least horrible.

Paul's contribution was his usual, that is, consistent view that (a) presidential debates ought to be about policy and (b)  no policy will work well until Washington learns arithmetic and  weans itself from ever-flowing tit of fiat money. That actually got a passing reaction from  Mitt and Newt, essentially, "Good point in a way, (pause) but my balls really are brazenbigger than Mitt's (or Newt's.)"

Welcome to the great national dialog as it is understood by most of the GOP and all -- every one -- of the famous heads who agree that the morning-after headline must proclaim that Mitt added three inches.


SpeakerTweaker said...

That is the most beautifully executed and tasteful play-by-play of member-comparison I have ever read. Especially the last line. That's comedy gold, right there.


Jim said...

Well, I like to keep my natural vulgarity on a high plane when ever possible, so thanks.

On the other hand, you should have seen the first draft -- before I bowlderized it a little.