Jan 11, 2012

Well I'll be a simulated SOB

It is against the law in Iowa to pretend to be drunk  in the park.

I'm safe enough cuz I write most all of my stuff snug in my Camp J sanctuary. But I guess it means I can never go Wi-Fi mobile.


JAGSC -- anyone-- what the Hell kind of reasoning creates a law like this?


SpeakerTweaker said...

What the hell kind of reasoning creates a law like this?

Easy. None whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

If you will notice, the statute, as quoted by your source attorneys, does not defing "simulating intoxication", as it clearly does for actual intoxication. This leads me to believe that the keepers of public safety prevailed upon your esteemend legislature (a toxic combination)to include this language so they would have something to charge somebody with if that perp did not meet the legal definition of intoxication. "If he won't blow an .08, we will charge him with acting like he's drunk". Reasoning has nothing to do with it. JAGSC

Jim said...

The consultants agree: It's brainless.

Leaving just one more question: This must fall into one of three catergories creating horse hockey statutes. Which?

...Because officer safety is paramount. (or)

--It's for the children.(or)

--Because we say so.