Feb 19, 2012

The Frontrunner Ron Paul (Caution: Adult Content)

Now will you forgive us for imposing Rick Santorum on you? Even though his primary campaign theme is a strict "One Climax, One Kid" rule?

The competent Ann Selzer has just published a poll of Iowa voters, and our "unelectable" Ron Paul whips every other GOPer in a face-to-face against His Ineptness Barack Obama.

I wouldn't break out the champagne just yet. The results seem to reflect more revulsion with President Obama and the other Republicans than any great enchantment with our offbeat ol' Grandpa Paul.  But a guy can be heartened to see hints of a friendlier attitude toward Constitutional government.

Paul beats the president by 7 points. Santorum beats him by 4 and Romney wins by 2. Poor Newt loses; Mr. Obama sends him home to Callista by 14 points.

From Hawkeye lips to God's ears, eh?

(There is rain on our parade. Paul's unfavorables total 41 points against Santorum's 33.  The others' hate numbers are worse, 51 for Mitt and 65 for Newt.  


For a couple of reasons you probably want to read the whole thing, including links to the polling geekery. My brief report here is undoubtedly colored by a bias against hinging a presidential race on regulating the reproductive habits of every Joe and Sally Sixpack in the land. Likewise by disgust with the intense debate about how manly -- or bogus -- Mitt looks in his new starched and ironed jeans.  Too, my mind may still be fogged by the pleasant little fantasy  about going  rock climbing with Rachel.


JohnMXL said...

I am truly tired of the GOP focus on reproductive parts that seems to mark this campaign.

I thought conservatives believed in privacy and personal freedom but apparently this batch has decided that "Sex Sells!" and that they can score votes condemning anything that doesn't fit into their Biblical definitions.

Jim said...

Maybe one way to explain it is in terms of voter perception of their own understanding.

Most voters know (even if they won't admit it) they have almost no real grasp of economics, foreign policy, or any of the complex issues. But virtually every voter considers himself an expert on personal morals -- gay marriage, contraception, etc.

Politicans learn quickly that the surest way to power -- other than outright vote buying -- is to count the number of these self-styled experts and pander to the side enjoying the greatest popularity.

Jinglebob said...

Sanitorium is the golden child of HSUS and the other PETA types, compared to the others. Wasn't for that, I'd kind'a like the guy.