May 5, 2012

Poor Tam

She needed to peform surgery on a bubble-package imprisoning a baby seal. Rodded but not bladed, she had to humiliate herself by borrowing a knife.  At least her sad tale produced as good a quote-of-the-day as any:

...what kind of adult goes about their business without a knife on their person?


Jinglebob said...

When we flew to Louisianna for the birth of our first grandson, I left my pocket knife at home. No big dea, right. When we landed and my son picked us up at the airport I immediatly went to whiing until he took me to a place where I could buy a pocket knife. Cheap and not very good, but just having it in my pocket kept my sanity. Amazing how bad it effects you when you have to change your routine. I usually have at leas one knife and some times up to three on me at any given time. I and I use one at least once every day. I started carrying a very nice Kniepsheild knife hand made in Minnesota byt a nice man, on the back of my belt in a snug scabbard that I can get at with either hand. Many have commented on how fast I can get it out and be prepared for any necessity....

All of his knives are the cat's meow! I would urge anyone reading this to check out his site. Very nice man also.

Jim said...

Have no knife at hand is one of the justifiations for grown-man whining. Try as I might, I can't comprehend how a three-inch blade make a person a threat.