May 4, 2012


Hey Kids! I almost  forgot to tell you. Come to Okoboji.  It's Willie Weekend! We have Willies wiggling all over  the place. Big Willies and So-So Willies and Wee Willies. One is very special, and if you can grab it it you'll get a wonderful reward. Wink.


Okay, so it's really Walleye Weekend, opening of the season with great fanfare and an astounding increase in retail prices. It marks the beginning of the annual Fleece -the-Tourist  extravaganza which runs through September.

There really is a special Willie walleye. It's tagged and worth a big bundle ($30k ? I never pay much attention.)

This post results from what is usually a nice quiet, traffic-free jaunt down to the nearest country convenience store. Also from my distaste for turning the quiet, contemplative, solitary art of fishing in to a goddam rave-cum-carnival-cum-lottery.


John said...

I probably won't make it thru the area in time to draw the winning fish, but it appears that depending on which route I take I may be thru your area in late August on my way to a motorcycle rally in the workers' paradise of Minnesota.

I'll keep you posted and perhaps we can arrange for paths to cross.

Jim said...

Now that would be a pleasure. If it's an appropriate place for an overnight stop, I can offer a bunk in the Tansient Officers Quarters.

Jim said...

Transient, dammit.

If my adjutant doesn't improve his typing I'm going to ship his butt to a weather station in Adak.