Jul 27, 2012

A Tramp Abroad

Mitt, you doofus, when you're a guest in another man's home you do not remark that the drapes need cleaning.

The proper answer to Fleet Street representatives is: "As a guest in your  country I am inspired by the achievements of the great British people and their leaders. Any nation which turned back Napoleon is capable of whatever is necessary to ensure a successful Olympic celebration."


1.  It is acceptable to surreptitiously cross your fingers while delivering the statement.

2.  Do not mention Dunkirk.


Anonymous said...

No way that Mitt could be all roses and sunshine, because if something happened, then he would look like a doofus.

Now, if nothing happens, he can say that he helped make the Olympics a safe venue through his timely comments.

If anything bad does happen, then he can say "I Told you so," and explain how he tried to help but they wouldn't listen.

Either of the latter two results is much easier on his campaign than the first one.

Jim said...

That's one approach to campaign CYA, but I did offer him different one in "is capable of."

Not many press or teevee operatives will catch the weasel. If things go south, he just says, "I said they could, not that they would."

Then he flashes that smirky two-Cadillac grin and glances at his handler to see if he did okay.