Sep 25, 2012

The morning mail

I've never  registered as an official RNC alumnus, so I don't know how I got on the has-been mailing list there at the Eisenhower Center. Maybe they checked old expense accounts. Maybe they dug into the bar tab archives at the Capitol Hill Club (good place to have a drink with guys in nice suits and the cute interns they brought). 

Anyway, they found me and figured out that, as free help, I might pump the Romney GOTV drive by a vote or two.


Every phone call and door knock is crucial to achieving our success...
As alumni of the Republican National Committee, you're fully aware of how important volunteer activities are to achieving our goals. And that's why we're asking for your help ... Over the next six weeks we need to reach out to as many potential voters as we can.

We appreciate your support!


Reince Priebus
Chairman, Republican National Committee

It's nice to be remembered, Reince, and I share your distaste for His Ineptness the President. But no, thanks.  Because Mitt, among a few other little things which don't really add up to a GOP interested in small government, free markets, foreign-adventure restraint,  or individual sovereignty. 



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