Dec 8, 2012

A James Dean - ish happenstance

The older gentleman, 68, has died, and I have no intent of making light of that, but there is a point of interest.  According to local radio:

"The ... Sheriff’s Office says (he) was driving a 1936 Ford eastbound on 190th Street when the vehicle left the road and several times, ejecting (him). (The probable "rolled" was dropped.)

A '36? Like this?

Or more on this order?

To a child of the  '50s.these things were the cat's meow, and we -- a few of us, not including me due to insolvency -- stuffed them with the damnedest monster engines imaginable. No one in my circle ever actually saw it, but there were reports that someone in our area had crammed a LaSalle V-12 into  chopped and channeled tail- dragger version.  If true, he was king of the drive-in picture show.

Anyway, I'm sorry it killed you, Sir. But some in your generation would have saluted the cool  and classic  manner of your demise.

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