Dec 21, 2012

Even Amazon still loves me

I've ordered from Amazon maybe three times, total, but they keep on humpin' even though by now they've written me off as a 2012 seasonal sucker.  This morning's in-box was at last free of pitches for their Bavarian village snow globes and so forth.

But the Amazing database remembers that I'm weird for one-inch, high-grade, cloth-backed,  sanding belts which are again on sale and, to boot, qualify for Free Shipping (!).

Guys, I'm just a tinkerer. I mean, if I had contract with Bushmaster to polish assault rifle parts I'd be more likely to lunge at today's irresistible offer. But the ten-pack I bought last year lasts me quite a while, and I'll let you know when the stash gets low.


And on the subject of internet commerce, here's a plug for the Laptop Battery Store. I needed a fresh one for the old MacBook. The  LBS price was right ($55) and It was in my hands on the third day after the order -- even with the cheapest  ($6) USPS shipping option.(And if you're reading this, it works fine.)

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