Dec 21, 2012

Jesus wept.

And so does the ghost of Thomas Jefferson.

The President of the United States, presiding over what could be a calamity in the American economy, summoned the television cameras  in this hour and advised our congress to have some egg nog and Christmas cookies to improve their attitude.

If that doesn't prove his mental bankruptcy I'll kiss Rudolph's arse under the tree in the White House Blue Room and sign a model release.


Folks, I can't get too teary-eyed about Warren Buffet forking over a little more every April 15. But I also can't report that higher taxes on anyone will have the tiniest effect on the impending national bankruptcy.*

Not one cent of any new tax extortions will be applied to the deficit or the debt. Any fresh revenue extracted from productive use by private citizens will be used as an excuse to borrow more in order to facilitate vote buying from His Ineptness on down to the lowliest back-benchers in our legislative chambers.


 *I don't refer to the made-for-teevee drama which we're calling the  "fiscal cliff."  That's a small pimple on the national butt. The reference is to the long-term, unannounced, devaluation of the United States dollar as a concious, planned policy of the political masters.

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