Dec 13, 2012

It would reduce the caterwauling if we could agree that Susan Rice was not opposed as an African-American, nor because she is a woman, nor because she is a combination of the two.

She fell from grace because:

(1)  She knowingly created lies about the events that killed four Americans in Libya, including the ambassador, which is immoral and probably illegal, OR

(2) She knowingly relayed the lies of her bureaucratic seniors, which displays the character flaws mentioned above, OR

(3) She relayed unchecked information from dubious sources, which would include those senior to her in the pecking order or from the nation's intelligence apparatus. This would indicate naivete at best and deep ignorance at worst.

But perhaps I am wrong. If so, it is deeply shameful that racist America still rejects the idea of a chief foreign policy officer who is of African descent, female, and named Rice.


Anonymous said...

Oh, very droll, very droll. *grinz*

Tam said...

Yeah, I heard someone on NPR going on about the GOP opposing Rice because she's black and a woman and I nearly drove into a ditch from disorientation.

My car radio was receiving transmissions from Planet Zongo or something.

Jim said...

The Andrews Sisters on interstellar radio:

"Bingo Bango Bongo,
We don't need advice from Zongo."