Mar 3, 2013

Brother Can You Spare $28,999?

Plus S and H. Plus NFA fees.

What red-blooded American boy can endure life without a Colt 1928/21 Thompson submachine gun as used by the United States Navy?

Why, I remember when MM1/C Homan and I carried them on missions off the San Pablo and threw terror into the hearts of Yangtze River bandits and warlords alike.

I'd have to spend more time in the loading shack, but I can live with that.

Link fixed


John said...

I remember seeing '03 Springfields and BARs in "The Sand Pebbles", but I don't recall a Thompson.

Guess I'll have to watch it again and look for both the Tommy Gun and the infamous future blogger carrying it.

Jim said...

I forgot to say that these were secret missions and me and Ho-mang didn't do our 1928/21 hero stuff when the movie people were around. :)

The Tommy Gun find actually came from a longish internet wander for material about the Lewis gun. It's so easy for a guy to be led astray when the weather is cruddy.