Mar 4, 2013

Out-of-Ammo Only Ones

I'm trying to work up some schadenfreude about this, because, like all proper Americans, I'm slightly suspicious of cops. It may be a genetic imprint from our immigrant ancestors who turned their back on the Old World police states.

It's hard, however, to get too giggly about a cop without a cartridge. Somebody has to watch out for bad guys, so a well-watched, well-trained, and well-controlled police force is a useful thing. And if we're going to give them guns and live ammo, we damned well better make sure they know what they're doing when they whip out their Glocks.

The ammunition shortage is forcing cop training officers to count rounds.  So it is time to assign blame -- military needs, of course,  but perhaps mostly you and me.

As possible federal gun control legislation aims to keep assault rifles out of the hands of enthusiasts, the rifles and their ammunition have skyrocketed in value. Gun owners trying to scoop up all the ammunition they can before a ban takes effect have driven up costs while diminishing supply.

Sorry about that, Chief. But not very. I know your PR guy keeps saying that you're my first line of defense against evil, but I tend to think that's bull; I am. So while the supply remains tight I suggest an equitable solution: One for you, ten for me, one for you, 20 for me...

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