May 13, 2013

3D printer gun, the short version

The latest Oh My Gawd and Gee Whiz! panic  -- the plastic gun from your 3D printer --  is this year's version of Y2K when the zombies leaped from your computer and chewed up your brains.

The hand wringers hope above hope that no one will Bing "zip gun" and notice the 63,700,000 references. Piece of pipe, Gorilla tape, couple of springs (rubber bands can work), hunk of steel, nail. If you want to get fancy you can add a handful of machine screws and a tap and die set from Home Depot.

Look, I'm only a tinkerer, but if I can't make a better pistol out of stuff found in half the home workshops of America, I'll kiss your Cloraxed arse on the front porch of 505 27th Street in Ogden, Utah, and let you hire the Tabernacle Choir for a warm-up act.


Tam said...

I believe that is the entire point of this exercise.

(The highlighting of the silliness and futility of gun laws, not the arse-kissing...)

Jim said...

It may well be Cody Wilson's point, and we of the choir get it. The government takedown notices suggest that the hard-core sinners do not.

This would be fine time for the cable movie channels to run the old juvie delinquent films. Reefer madness and zip guns gonna bring down America.