May 13, 2013

Tax-targeting patriots, the short version

Any tax functionary has the power to destroy your life for reasons he or she may  keep secret.

At this point in American history, the death-by-tax-harassment penalty is primarily reserved for citizens exercising their First Amendment rights by uttering words unpleasant to politicians in power, that is, conservatives, "patriots", and those who question the purity of politicians' motives.

Four decades ago, the same horror was aimed at the reverse slope of prevailing orthodoxy, liberals, doves, and everyone else who believed the sitting president's mindset was well illustrated by his decision to dress his personal guards like Paraguay's admirals.

The current president, speaking Friday through a hapless mouthpiece named Jay,  explains that the tax agency is independent, above politics.  Therefore he, personally, like Nixon before him, is pure and worthy of your infinite trust.

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Stretch said...

Those infamous "Student Prince" uniforms for the UDSS have quite an interesting history.
After their very short lived use by the Secret Service they were surplussed to the GSA. From there a sample or 2 were donated to the Smithsonian. The rest were sold as surplus to a high school band.