Jan 14, 2014

Out Out, Damned Nips

Nothing good can come of this. Our brothers of the Rising Sun buying Jim Beam? If I know those guys, and I think I do, they won't even sugar coat this barbaric act of imperialism with a decent geisha house in Clermont, Kentucky.

Please don't think me racist, at least not in this case. After all, I did not protest the Jap purchase of Pebble Beach 24 years ago. What's a goddam golf course between allies, anyway? (I was, however, vaguely pleased when Clint Eastwood bought it back for us.)

But Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey -- American since 1795 --  under the thumb of the guys who make Suntory whiskey, a liquid some people actually drink but which achieves its highest and best purpose as a surface cleaner and disinfectant? Sacrilege. Un-American. Yet another reason to rise up in revolt against the Obama foreign trade policy. Gives me a pain in the sakirilliac.

We can't overpraise Jim Beam, here. It's a justifiable few cents a shot cheaper than Jack  and Turkey and Makers but still a pleasant-enough flavoring for Coke, RC, and Dr. Pepper.  And it's American. Middle American. Blue collar tattoo Levis and Harley American. To arms! God knows what will happen to it when Osaka gets around to experimenting with additives of rice squeezings.

We must stop selling them scrap metal and embargo all shipments of...

Oh Hell. Shut up, Jim. You're too late. The deal is done. It all  Akadamac now.

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Taishar said...

btw Jim Beam makes Maker's Mark too ;)