Mar 10, 2014

The Belgian Countess

She could have worn white to the ceremony, and the snickering old gossips in the back pews would have been wrong.

Fulfillment ensued.

Replacing the lanky older model .


The original 6-incher had been abused by excessive dry-firing and possibly too many shorts without careful chamber cleaning. Some finicky work put her back in shooting shape, but she never had my full trust. I ran the internet for replacement barrels and found none.

But Saturday, at the Wells (Minnesota) school-house loophole, there she reposed at a price about one-third what I would have expected. I haven't stopped grinning since.

2 comments: said...

Even a blind pig finds an acorn every once in awhile.. not that I think of you as a pig, or a nut... oh well, I think you catch my drift.. ;-)

Jim said...

It's okay, J'bob. I sometimes think of myself as a pig -- oinking and rooting my way through the great loopholes, flea markets and bazaars of the world, knowing that my patient snout will occasionally unearth unheard-of treasure. :)