Apr 11, 2015

Silence, Varlet!

If you must face a County Board of Supervisors up in this corner of my state, be very careful to keep a civil tongue in your head. Do not question their wisdom, competence, or even simple good will. They are prepared for the prole who fails to tug his forelock.

Five supervisors.  Five desks, a ready can hidden away beneath each one.  Some sort of knife-to-a-gun-fight joke lurks there, but it isn't worth reaching for.

I do assume, however, that they have drilled extensively in small-unit tactics.

My offhand guess that they may remain unused until some subversive has the gall to question of cost of paving miles and miles of old railroad right -of-way so the Spandexers  won't suffer traumatic butt-jiggle  as they peddle through the corn fields.


(Based on the direct observation of a friend who sometimes does business in the court house and who is absolutely credible.)

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