May 29, 2010

From the reloading shack

I've been fat on.38 Special brass and 158-grain RNs for quite a while and finally motivated myself to check that chore off the list yesterday afternoon.  The result is 150 rounds of the stuff.

I resolved one quandary on the conservative side. My only primers  were magnum, and In a large library here I simply couldn't find  data for .38 Special with mags.   Since I am something of an old woman about unknown  pressure factors,  I backed off a tenth of a grain from the  a Speer starting load of Unique. They'll be fired for practice and entertainment  only from a ported Taurus .357 snubby. Unless, of course,  someone makes me an offer I can't refuse for a nice used (Bill) Ruger single action in .357.


ranamacar said...

How do you like the Taurus? I picked up a used .357 Mag ported snub-nose a while back and finally got some range time with it today. Smooth trigger, acceptable recoil, fair accuracy were my general findings.


Jim said...

No complaints, though I can't claim a lot of experience with it. Bought as a canoe pistol, the thought that if it wouldn't actually drop a rogue blackie up in the Boundary Waters, the hots .357 muzzle blast and flash might scare bro bear into panicked flight.

I've fired about 150 rounds in pretend combat, and it seems to do what you expect a small DA to do. It was almost unfired when I got it, and new-gun rough with an occasonal hangup. A few hundred dry fires smoothed it up, and it now seems fully dependable.

Hilary said...

And now again in English?