May 31, 2010

You say they've super-sized the zombies?

Why, I have just the thing,  Watson. 


There was too much clutter in the loading shack -- such as hundreds of .30-06 cases and oddball .308 bullets -- old  220 -grain round nose fmj's that may well be .30-03 pulls. Cleaned up and loaded ahead of (n) grains of 4350 they will fly at  just under 2500 fps and strike terror into the hearts of the not-quite deceased who, the movies tell me,  threaten the world as you know and love it.

If the zombie scare turns out to be just another passing Madness-of-Crowds phenomena, they will still be useful. This load should work well enough to control  elephants migrating  to my latitude as the globe warms.


Lisa said...

So the Undead are becoming problematic again, huh?

Jim said...

Even worse than I thought. They all have cell phones now, and they text like fully living teenagers, if you'll pardon the oxymoron, while hurtling down the Interstates. Next time the ought-six goes along.