Oct 6, 2011

Herding the Elephants Update -- Iowa Caucuses 2012

Bumped up for convenience again, and including an  adieu to Ms. Palin:

Also, it's nearing the time to create a cleaner list -- retaining only those candidates still twitching with residual life. It's high on the to-do list for a time when our northern plains weather is less lovely.


(Bumped up, just for convenience.)

Even dedicated political geeks have a hard time keeping track of all the White House hopefuls trying out their pickup lines in Iowa. For one thing, it is hard to find a complete list of the serious, semi-serious,  and loony  trying on overalls and looking for a comfortable hay-bale perch.  So, here's an alphabetical list of these statesmen as culled from published sources, but I haven't gotten around to ferreting out all of the more obscure dimwaddiedoowops yet. 


--Michele Bachmann, 55,  congresswoman, Minnesota

--(OUT) Haley Barbour, 64, Mississippi governor (Dropped out April 25)

--John Bolton,  63, former ambassador, Bush II's point man in Iraq. (Dropped out September 26.) 

-- (OUT) Herman Cain, 66, Godfather's Pizza. (Dropped out -- "suspendd campaign"  -- December 3

-- (OUT) Mitch Daniels, 62, Indiana governor (dropped May 21)

--John Davis of Grand Junction, Colorado, lumber yard owner, builder (added May 3)

--Newt Gingrich,  68, former U.S. House speaker, Georgia

--(OUT) Mike Huckabee, 56, former Arkansas governor, Fox teevee star (dropped May 15)

--Jon Huntsman, 51, former Utah governor,  ambassador to China

--Gary Johnson, 43, former New Mexico governor (added April 22)

--Fred Karger, California, GOP politcal consultant, openly gay. (Added August 14)

--(OUT) Thaddeus George "Thad" McCotter, 45,  Michigan congressman (added June 24, dropped out September 22.) 

--Judge Roy Moore, 64, disrobed, two-time loser for Alabama governor  (added May 19)

--Sarah Palin,  47, former Alaska governor, VP candidate 2008 (Out. Withdrew   Oct. 5.)

--(OUT) George Pataki, 66, former New York governor. (Added august 25 and dropped August 26) 

--(OUT) Rand Paul, 48, Kentucky U.S. senator (if  his dad opts out).  (Dropped April 26 in anticipation of Ron's formal "in" announcement)

--Ron Paul, 75, Texas congressman, former LP presidential candidate

--Tim Pawlenty,  51, former  Minnesota governor (Dropped August 14; withdrew after Ames straw poll)

--(OUT)  Mike Pence, 52, Indiana congressman (dropped May 15)

--Rick Perry, 61, Texas governor, (added June 19)

--Buddy Roemer, 68, former Louisiana governor

--Mitt Romney, 64, former Massachusetts governor

--Rick Santorum,  53, former U.S. senator, Pennsylvania

--( OUT?) John thune, South Dakota senator. (Dropped from list,with reservations, May 21)

--(OUT) Donald Trump, 65, businessman, casino operator, teevee star (dropped May 16) 


The list will change, and I'll try to keep it more or less up to date.

EDIT: May 5:Red ink identifies those who bailed after having been considered players or possibles.  I thought of just deleting them, but that seems so cold.

EDIT: John Thune was Xed out May 21. He said in February he wouldn't run, but the weasel words(not planning at this time, etc.)suggested he desired begging. No one has  begged yet,  and he hasn't been spotted scouting our hog lots, so TMR crosses him off with the caution that things are silly enough that he might change his mind.)

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