Jan 26, 2014

Get Ready for HIllary

Or, "Quick, Henry, the Flit!"


Political operatives have a running Q and A gag: "How far is it to Iowa?"  The answer is ""(xxx) days." meaning the time left until the Iowa caucuses.

For one more presidential election cycle, we Hawkeyes will choose a president for the rest of you. More accurately, we will narrow your choices. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this because of our exceedingly virtuous character and the depth of our wisdom.

Last time around I blogged the damned circus for more than a year under a separate label (Iowa Caucuses 2012) and did my best to keep that part of the TMR objective.  Mostly objective, anyway.

Because some actual working pros in the journalism and political consulting rackets  said they found it useful, I guess I'll try to do it again.

I'll change the format slightly. I made up the last one as I went along, and while it told the story, it was slightly awkward, for me and for the folks who used it. Basically it will be a list, a quick reference -- the dude's name, age,  party, residence, date became a candidate, date dropped out and so forth.

I try to include everyone, from the most serious contenders right down to the 47 guys in big shoes who pile out of a Volkswagen in the center ring.


So why am I telling you now? What  difference does it make??!!  Hillary made me do it. She's here. The overture is playing.

1 comment:

Rob said...

Last summer we worked in Altoona at Adventureland, one night on the news they were talking about a political meeting and the next Presidential race at The Meadows.
That was right across the street from where I was living! I had forgotten the part that Iowa plays in picking the President.
I'll pay attention this year...

I'm looking forward to your political blog....