Mar 30, 2009

How scared should we be?

I'm not going to live-blog the President's  speech,  but I'll offer you the first quote I heard a few seconds ago. He says of the auto industry: "Our  (White House)  evaluation  is now  complete."

If that doesn't scare Hell out of you,  you and I do not share even the slightest similarity of thought processes.

I wonder what Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden will decide to evaluate next. 

Mar 27, 2009


Y'all remember when G.W. Bush caused Katrina in New Orleans because he hated minorities. That was a few days  before he ordered the government to be real cheap about free debit cards, free trailers, free hotel rooms, and free what-all  that the victims deserved. A whole lot of them were entitled  and deserving --  as far as I could tell -- mostly because they pissed and moaned a lot. Surely not because they displayed an abundance of character before, during, or after the hurricane.


Right now folks in Fargo, North Dakota, are facing a record Red River crest, a flood which the word "catastrophic" does not over describe. They're confronting it at the tag end of  a week of brutal labor in freezing weather by ordinary citizens, officials, and their National Guard. They're  filling and humping sandbags, moving stuff out of the likely wet places, and generally trying to take care of themselves. 

Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker sets the tone by telling the national media "We don't want to go down, but if we do we'll go down swinging." You often hear such stuff  in this part of the world where bunches of unpussified people living in the same town consider themselves part of a "community."

And that reminds me again of how badly I wanted to turn New Orleans over my lap and  give it a damned good spanking. Still do, but then I'm routinely accused of harboring extended grudges against candy-ass whiners.

Fargo will apply for the usual federal disaster money when it's all over. But they won't accuse the new President of making the river rise because he hates non-minorities. And they won't defecate all over the floor of their  public shelters while demanding that President Obama hurry up and make the river go down.

Good luck, Fargo.   

Torching the Beemer

It's fraud and I can't defend it, but is there the slightest moral difference between what these guys are doing and what AIG, GM, and Chrysler did? 

Mar 15, 2009

I'll Say

Obama economic advisor Christina Romer says we  are in an economic war.

Agreed, Chrissie, and I propose we  call it the American 233-Year War. Productive  citizens versus the Government.

Mar 7, 2009

Getting Rattled?

The new President fields criticism of his $786 billion economic plan by citing 25 new police officers in Columbus on a day when 651,000 February layoffs were announced.

There's a  sense of proportion for you.  

Say we learn that Iran has an A-Bomb and a delivery system. Obama says yabbut he has cleverly prevented Fiji from going nuclear. 

Mar 1, 2009

Infant development

Y'know, I'm not sure the new president knows his toes belong to him yet.