Jun 15, 2019

I'm preserving this slightly disorganized post for the sake of the picture and the raw information. For a clearer narrative of these relatives, see the next post up. (jf Aug 4 2019)

Family of Salem Wallace Clark ca. late 1920's in Monroe County, Missouri
Clark is seated. Emma Allie Clark standing, third from left. (more)

Wallace Clark is the grandson of on William Clark whose will was recorded as follows from his entry on Find A Grave.Among other things, it suggests that our Clark side people earned a certain amount of prosperity not evident on most of our Farrell side.

William purchased 150 acres of land in Garrard County, KY in 1816. The land was located on the water of the White Lick Fork of Paint Lick Creek. It appears that this land was eventually sold by the heirs of William Clark in 1839. William made a will dated June 2, 1822 in which were mentioned his