Jul 25, 2016

Not that I'm a Republican or Anything, But

I am getting the damnedest kick out of the Democrats' sun dance in Philadelphia.

The usual suspects among the media Dog Soldiers of the left are beside themselves. Until he spoke, they told us Bernie Sanders would calm his frustrated little Leninites and everything would get cuddly on the convention floor and the boulevards outside. Sorry about that, Chief. 

Now they're pinning their hopes on today's speech by Michelle Obama, the unelected First Mama whose concern for her family consists of incessant grumpy demands that we eat our veggies. Even the Sanders people are probably still pissed about that. They like their Twinkies and Doritos as much as anyone else.

Their backup plan, in case Michelle can't spread enough Balm of Siliad around the hall, is Senator Liz "Medicine Woman" Warren.  Liz, sometimes known as Pocahontas,  is heap diverse. She tellum Yale she Cherokee maiden -- well, female anyway -- and will join the council fire for much wampum so Yale can count coup and show great white majority how affirmatively active it is.

Summing up we have:

--Michelle, an ineffectual has-been,

--Liz, a system-working hanger-on to the great diversity drive, and

--Bernie, who probably still wears tie-died undies and has fantasies about being locked in a VW van with Mama Cass Eliot. 

Hillary, I don't think this is going to work for you.