May 18, 2009

Redneck Esthete

I intended to leave the auction as a more lethal man, but the Lee-Enfield went too high. So did the c. 1895 hammer-double wall hanger. Then the crowd went to sleep and I tucker-bagged "Nine Travelers -- Canada Geese," a 1977 Maynard Reese production, for $40.  I'll take deals like that any day.

May 17, 2009

Sunday Morning Sidewalk

Not that I have a sidewalk, and I certainly don't wish I was stoned.  Guess I just liked the song  from the days when it was fashionable to have  a bad case of   young-guy angst.

A Sunday run around the top of my blog list shows Roberta's going shooting, Tam's trying to figure out what the Hell Ruger is up to (me too); Xavier is shooting more than respectable Black and White, one of Abby's sergeants won a promotion to staff.  

Me? A nearby  auction this afternoon offers to escalate my lethality potential handsomely.  The stunningly pretty (and stupendously ignorant  and disorganized) girl who writes up the auction ads  promises

 "...military bayonet; 36x50 Bushnell scope; British Enfield 303 gun w/sling; 12 ga. shells; gun books; dog tapestry; hunting clothes; 2 tanned deer hides; pheasant afghan; Arctic Cat ladies jacket sz. medium; camp stove; rods & reels; manual ice auger; deer tree stand; deer decoy; life jackets; skiis..." 

There's more gunny stuff in other paragraphs -- Mec. 600, lots of 7 1/2 shot. Not to mention several largish tools I might covet. The conclusion is that I need to take the old F150 to this  one, not the wimpy little van.

I love small-town auctions. I might buy the Lee-Enfield, but more likely I just enjoy watching a couple of clowns bid it up into the high three figures.

May 15, 2009

New ammo source

To become a more lethal American, clean out your car and pickup. My take:  couple hundred .22 LR;  three 9mm hand loads that look more or less like my 115 gr. JHPs usually stoked to c. 1150 fps;  couple of rounds  .45 ACP, GI issue; handful of miscellanous brass; old tin of Daisy BBs (genuine, destined for the collectibles box -- trade stock).  The little tools I've been looking for since 2007 were just a bonus.  

May 13, 2009

Tam says:

"Meanwhile, General Motors is announcing a joint venture with Frito-Lay..."

And if those ten words aren't enought to justify a month's net connect cost I'll kiss your arse in Detroit  City Square and give you an hour to alert the remaining city residents, if any.

(Some kind of  warning would be nice, though -- just a headsup to swallow the rest of that mouthful of Coke.)