Jun 6, 2009

Vivid air, signed with honor

It is one of the patriotic days, and I suppose you'll hear a certain amount of  oratory, some praiseworthy, some self-serving.  

An unlucky guy may find himself stuck with one of those neocon-right warriors of the lectern. They demand we send our kids  to war to create "democracy" in every populated desert waterhole  and jungle clearing on earth.  It is always instructive to stop them in mid-rant and ask:

 "Sir (or Madam), please, where and when did you wear the fighting uniform?"  Amazing how many of the loudmouth warhawks found  actual service simply too inconvenient.

Otherwise this D-Day, I intend to reread the Noonan/Spender/Reagan tribute. 

Wise Latina

Roberta laps me in the  Sotomayor discussion.  The name Linda Chavez should have popped up in  +this + blog  within seconds of the Wiseass Latina's nomination to Scotus. If His Obamaness wanted an actually  smart Latina for the court, Linda is there for the appointing. 

(Linda should have been secretary of labor and later a  United States senator.   Running afoul of the nanny laws was  probably pretty much her own fault, but the clowns counseling her in the the Mikulski race need shooting.)

It's nice to have her around as a writer, but  it would be even better to make her the first Latina Supreme Court justice. Unburdened with a law degree, she possesses a nice sense of the Constitution as a mechanism for forbidding government to engage in tyrannical practices.  

Are you listening, Mr. President? Bush withdrew Ms. Harriet Whosis.  You can withdraw Sra. Sonia.

Jun 5, 2009

Barrack of Arabia in Germany

President Obama has sounded the call for peace between Isrealites and  Palestinians, so  breathe easy Americans as you  try to ignore your  two nagging suspicions:  First, that The Obama did  not advance a single idea that has not been promoted by every U.S. president since Kennedy. Second, that the Obama message reduces to: 

1." I agree there should be two nations in the area.

2. "Everyone should  play nice.

3. "I'm from Washington and I'm here to help."

Jun 1, 2009

The Obamillac

I leave it to smarter men to reconcile  President Obama's pledge to reduce unemployment in the auto industry while simultaneously cutting 21,000 jobs at GM, of which he is now 60 per cent owner and bankruptcy receiver-in-chief. 

It's easier, and more fun, to visualize the results of Obama "revitalizing and remaking" GM and the rest of the American auto industry, though I think Johnny Cash beat me to it.