Apr 23, 2009

Plastic Dreams

His Presidency is  meeting with credit card  titans -- the black hearted, child-eating pisspots spawned in the in fetid swamp and  nurtured  by the undead priests of the Spanish Inquisition. I think Obama actually believes something like that about them. Funny, so do I.

The Obamaness, however,  is about to screw things up again by pandering to what his constituents really want -- Plastic with unlimited credit; a Visa whose repayment terms are, "When ever you get around to it, ol' Buddy."  They really think it's possible.

A little history lesson is useful here. Perhaps 30 or 40  years ago a small Midwest state was enduring one of those periodical plagues of high populism.  So the moonbat governor and his leftie  legislature  wrote an excruciatingly detailed law about what credit card issuers could and could not do in the state.  Within months consumer credit all but dried up, and if you wanted a Diner's Club card you had to move to  Illinois or Minnesota  or some such hellhole.

The law was quickly (and all but unanimously)  repealed,  and once again rubes could make their  own decisions about how to use credit.

I don't suppose, though, that His Hopefulness will pay much attention to things like that. After all, he's giving us a New Beginning. 

(There are ways for Joe Sixpack  to beat the credit card bastards at their own game, and the  results are  better than anything Barney Frank could dream up to enstatuate. )


Tango Juliet said...

I don't have much use for credit card companies as they currently manage things. Their policies are nought but legalized thievery IMHO. However, if the US consumer wasn't so willing to bend over for whatever Visa/MC dish out just to get a line of very expensive credit, maybe Visa/MC might reform all on their own?

Too much Uncle Sam goin' on.

Tam said...

"Too much Uncle Sam goin' on."

Quoted For Truth.

Anonymous said...

The only difference between government and the credit card companies is that the gov't can impose laws on the companies, while the companies cannot return the favor. They are both bloated snake oil salesmen who promise a panting public unlimited goodies while waiting for the public to bend over to pick them up. A pox on both their houses. JAGSC

Tam said...

"The only difference between government and the credit card companies is that the gov't..."

...can shoot me in the head with a Heckler & Koch maschinenpistole if I don't comply, while the credit card companies must rely on my voluntary compliance and illiteracy/innumeracy.