Jun 28, 2009

Another serving of moonwalk tears

No one bearing four functioning neurons expected early abatement of the hair-pulling, shrieking, face-blackening national grief orgy on the electric teevee, but somehow I expected a little more from the mighty AP newspaper service which still contributes to my support.

The world's largest news operation believes, in this fourth day of Michael's enforced absence, that the most world's most vital story is cops interviewing his doctor.

The frogs disagree. AFP editors judge Janet's demand for autopsy redux as the supremely significant event of this news cycle.


JohnW said...

Three days gone and I'm still boycotting the babblebox. Even FNC isn't immune. I should be rejoicing that there's nothing else of importance going on either internationally or domestically. And, hey, how about them Cubbies?

Jim said...

The profound sadness is that the electric teevee industry is so expert at knowing what the peepul want to hear.