Jun 6, 2009

Sheer nonsense...

...but we're getting used to that from President Obama.

I'm having a hard time believing, however, that the world media is letting him get away with "the sheer improbability" characterization of the Normandy beachhead victory.

If the odds against success were that heavy, someone in the chain of command would have ordered  or loudly and publicly counselled the abort. Someone like Marshall, Eisenhower, Bradley, Smith, Montgomery, Ramsay, Leigh-Mallory, Devers -- y'know, all those old white guys who had to run a war without benefit of several years experience organizing neighborhoods on the south side of Chicago. 

Whatever their faults, generals and admirals  do not launch attacks on the world stage  where defeat is a sheer probability.  All who have written of Overlord from a military standpoint concede it was  very  risky (duuhhh) and casualties would be heavy. But all considered victory on the beaches and beyond quite likely.  Mr. President, may I politely challenge you to cite any source with more credibility than, say, Bill Ayers, to the effect that  the Allied Powers believed they faced sheerly improbable chances of success?

I make an issue of this, Sir, because many people tend to believe what a president says, no matter how  dense the fecal content. These things also get printed in the books, and I share with some other eccentrics a quirky little interest in keeping  our history as  tidily accurate as possible.


Tam said...

Every few administrations, I find myself appalled to think that our Commander-In-Chief couldn't tell you:

A) Within the nearest 5k, how many personnel make up a current U.S. infantry division.

B) The rough number, types, and mission abilities of the a/c on one of those floating airports we have.

C) How many lives are put at risk when an MEU is ordered ashore someplace.

...and more importantly, expresses an active disdain for the services in question.

Anonymous said...

What can you expect from a generation that thinks milk comes in paper cartons and cows have nothing to do with it? JAGSC