Sep 5, 2009

Black Hills Rancher

I don't know if Jinglebob carries openly, but he is the dead-certain cinch to be the only blogger I know who could walk into the general store with a .45 Peacemaker on his his hip and appear 100 per cent natural -- as if buckling on was as routine as buttoning the shirt.

Besides, he slings a mean camera and can handle a dutch oven.

Welcome to the blogroll.

1 comment:

Jinglebob said...

Why thank you.
I only carry openly when I think I might need one. Usually one under the seat in the Dodge or any other vehicle I drive. I have helped many a poor cripple on to the other side with it. Never had occasion to use one towards a human, yet! But the way things are going, I expect it in my lifetime and I'd sure hate to disappoint anyone. Especially myself! LOL
Anyone gets out here in the sticks, give me a heads up. We always enjoy company!