Sep 11, 2009

John D. MacDonald - Science Fiction

John D. wrote so much that it's dangerous to make categorical statements about his work, but it's generally thought he wrote only two science fiction novels, Wine of the Dreamers in 1951 and Ballroom of the Skies in 1952.

Yesterday, at one of those semi-permanent garage sales, I found both of them, side by side in undated Fawcett Gold Medal printings. It's stuff like that that keeps me wasting time going to auctions and yard sales. This pair is shelf-worn but obviously unread. Since I can't recall reading either work, I think I'll tuck them in the camper for roadie use.

(Fifty cents each -- same price the sale guy was charging for Harlequins.)


Lisa said...

Objection! (to be) Argumentative!

"The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything" has to be sci-fi. Has to.

Jim said...

Quite right, and thank you.

Tempus non fugit.

JohnW said...

If I read them it so ago as to be lost to the dim mists of antiquity. Reviews welcomed.