Feb 9, 2011

It's morning in America

7:30 a.m -- Drastic oversleep. Become vertical.  Pee and moan about achy back.

7:32 a.m. -- Attempt to read small outside thermometer. Gritty eyes decline to focus. Treat with Visine. Re-look. nine below.

7:34 a.m. -- Perfunctorily  scratch dog ears.

7:35 -- Feed fire with oak logs,  two small and one large.

7:37 -- Stumble to kitchen. Fire up coffee pot. Tell dog, "Hold it for another sec, eh?" (vulgarity in original statement here omitted)

7;40 -- Let dog out after stern warning not to go running off.

7:40:07 -- Dog goes running off. Step onto deck in stocking feet and "pajamas" and yell. Feel lungs seize up and other bodily parts shrivel. Yell again. Dog returns to deck area,  decorates snow. Beats me through the door and to the hearth.

7:42  -- Steal cup of coffee from half-done pot. Spill some of same. Shrug;  counter-top disaster anyway.

7:45 -- Slurp enough hot coffee to wash down one aspirin.

7:47 -- Log on to National Weather Service point forecast. Confirms nine below. Perform masochistic act and check Duluth, 200+ miles north, where kids are visiting. Only seven below. Remark the irony to dog who seems not to give a damn.

7:48 -- Slowly, slowly, slowly transform grim mouth-set to semblance of smile at seeing release date of tomorrow, when begins a warmup. One more arctic night, then more than a week of nothing even close to zero, daytime highs above freezing.

7:50 - present -- engage in decision-making process re when or whether to get dressed.

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