Jun 8, 2011

A Litte VVSOP at the Tea Party

Seems that some of our new small-government Tea Partiers have discovered the joy of the good life on your dime.

There are numerous candidates for a Golden Fleece award, but I like:

Texas Rep. Francisco Canseco spent $75,000 on a one-year contract with CampaignGrid LLC, a company that describes itself as “the online advertising platform for candidates and causes" ....to advertise town halls and telephone town halls and has served to publicize the congressional art competition for the West Texas lawmaker.

(I  doubt Rep. Weiner's contribution to the photographic arts was part of the official congressional art competition, but you never know.) 

Otherwise, the laundry list of happily spent tax money on personal promotion and perks is pretty much business as usual,  such as early campaign mailings magically tabbed  "policy" or "constituent services"pieces so they than be franked. There are some pricey car leases, also for constituent service, you bet. 

Paraphrasing Leona Helmsley, frugality is for little people.

Of COURSE I feel a certain amount of vindication.

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