Aug 16, 2011

And quickly following our fair report -- no guns in SUX county buildings either

SUX is, sometimes appropriately, the airport code for Sioux City, the Woodbury County seat where the victim disarmament movement gathers steam.

County supervisors have just outlawed carry by CCW permittees in the court house and three other county buildings.  They're depending on that odd application of the criminal trespass laws to get around a very tight state preemption law.

By now the propaganda is familiar.  This time we get it from Supervisor George Boykin who parroted the obligatory horror at the Tucson shooting:  "... mass shootings like the one that nearly killed Arizona Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords in the last year can't be stopped.  But we can certainly take measures to minimize that from happening." 

No you can't, George,  and you haven't. 

George continues that is is important  "to make sure that county patrons were protected from 'deranged' people with a gun."

Care to tell us, Mr Supervisor, about your estimate of the likelihood of derangement by a citizen who (a) has a clean history (b) took at least rudimentary firearms training and (c) jumped through the hoops necessary to obtain a CCW? Please contrast that to the likelihood of derangement by a thug who sees your  "no-guns" sign and giggles hard enough to shake the Hi-Point in his undies.

The best place to track these local gun banners  is over at Stranded in Iowa's place. 

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