Oct 4, 2012

No business like show business

In full fairness, honoring my duty to be an informed citizen, I watched the damned thing,  all the way through from Obama's open to Michelle. Honey Pie, it's our anniversary and I wish our clothes and the cameras were off.

All the way from the Romney rejoinder that he sympathized with his opponent's romantic frustration.  Very gentlemanly.

All the way to the end when Mitt pinned the poor president for the fifth and final time. (WWF debates have special rules.)   He had sort of expected someone to cinch the big championship belt around his middle.That didn't happen until later when all the world -- meaning Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC --  declared Obama the loser.

The story line carried through to the morning hours when a talker on Joe Scarborough's show  praised Romney for winning and both of them for engaging in such a meaningful exchange of views, for shunning the cheap shots. For being "two highly intelligent men ... presenting entirely different world views."

Okay. Obama presented a world view of free candy. Romney offered free ice cream. Obama promised to be a more compassionate Romney. Romney promised to  be a more efficient Obama.

If there were any "world-view" differences, science has a serious challenge: develop an instrument sensitive enough to detect them.


This analysis may be slightly flawed. About 25 minutes in,  I walked away from my electric teevee long enough to pop a bowl of corn and pour a sugary drink. Perhaps I missed crucial information.

Maybe Mitt explained the advantage of a revenue-neutral tax scheme for the "rich." Close loopholes and end deductions, but lower rates so the feds would extort precisely the same amount of money.

Maybe His Ineptness had a good retort to Mitt's notation that he had squandered 20 years worth of "tax breaks for big oil" on greenish jobs, i.e., Solyndra and its belly-up  brethren.

Maybe one or the other even hinted that we might want to give a thought to Charmin Basic, known to some as the American Dollar.


Anonymous said...

well put. good analysis. for a while I thought they were going to get a room and go all brokeback on each other. the rat

Don said...

There's not enough Immodium on the planet to get me to watch that dog and pony show.

The questions(?) and answers are standard pablum for the masses, reveal nothing about what the candidate would actually do, and will amount to absolutely nothing worthwhile.

Full disclosure: I'm not really a grouch, I just play one around election time.

Jim said...

Somewhere down the line, Mojave, I'll undoubtedly steal your "brokeback" line.

And I think Don approaches a real solution to the runny quality of our political discourse. Amend the Constitution to require all politicians to gargle with Immodium before opening their mouths.

Kevin said...

The only scientific instrument I can think of to detect a division in their worldviews is "Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder" - a phrase you will NEVER hear from Mitt Romney.

Though whoever Romney might nominate will be ideologically squishy, he won't be a socialist.

Still, you're Quote of the Day for today.