Nov 20, 2012

As a public service...

...I post the following because the internet is desperately short of cute kitty pictures.

I think this is the sole survivor of a litter thrown by a now-missing black mama in my wildflower/weed patch. It took up residence in the bilge of the long-drydocked pocket cruiser where my daughter found and fed it a few days ago. I continue to subsidize its nutritional needs. Since last night it's been rooted where you see it, near the commandant's quarters deck.

New Dog Libby hissy-fits but is willing, upon command, to stop trying to turn it into lunch.

I'm no cat man, but a good hard-working outside, repeat outside, feline would have some pest control advantages around here so I'll continue the St. Francis routine.


And just so no one thinks I've gone completely softheaded and barmy, I still concentrate on more important stuff than cats.

It's another rebuilt 1903 Springfield, someone else's good work from many years ago in the excellent .257 Roberts. it's too seldom shot around here, but Grandson and I blew the cobwebs from the barrel Saturday. Great fun, and it will be worked a little harder in the future.

Lyman. Real men don't have no truck with tilliescopes and laserites.

(Actually, I'm kind of proud of the bench. It's a retired oak entertainment unit banished from the living room when the flat screen electric teevee set arrived. An hour with the saws and drills turned it into a good rifle cleaning and tinkering stand.)


JohnW said...

You can look upon THAT face and abandon it to the elements? Hie thee to a cardiologist, Sir, for I fear of calcification of the soul. (For further enlightenment, see The Continuing Adventures of Joel & Zoe, via your blogroll to the right.

Jim said...

I admire Joel's strength of character. It exceeds my own.

I have vast cat experience. The standout memory is that they miss the litter box. A man and a labbish sort of dog keep this dump smelling gamy enough without additional assistance.

Besides, here in Bucolia, there is a sub-species known as the "barn cat." I figure this is one of those, and I am probably disrupting the Balance of Nature with daily food offerings.

Anonymous said...
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