Jan 17, 2013

Well, at least that's settled

I'm indebted to my MSM pal Hans for a final resolution to "What's an assault rifle?"

The AR15, usually black and always ugly, is leading in all the polls that measure assaultiveness. Hans isn't buying, and neither is our mutual MSM pal Dave who raised the subject on Facebook. Each has had it up to  >here< with cant about "assault rifles."

They agree, as do most of us, that assaultiveness is a matter of purpose, not tools. Which is to say that my Remington 514 becomes an assault rifle the moment I get to feeling a little assaultory.

Hans modestly suggests that the nomenclature problem goes away with good intent-recognition software. A guy could legally run around with an AR15 (or Bazooka or tactical nuke) as long as the program cleared him of assaultitarian motives.

Course, the system would have to incorporate an active RF transmitter and be permanently attached to the toter. No problem these days. His Ineptness just  executively orders the chips implanted in our innards. You know, like they do on Guernseys and Lhasa Apsos.


Tam said...

"Assault weapon" is a tautology anyway.

A weapon is something that is used to assault someone. It's like saying "house home" or "automobile car".

JohnW said...

So, in addition to other things we have 514s in common, eh?

Anonymous said...

It's the 'progressive' term of the moment. It's convenient.
Not unlike Saturday Night Special in days of yore.
It sounds mean and ugly.
Nasty ol' guns...


Anonymous said...

Now, folks, let's be fair and accurate about this. The "assualt weapon" ban list must include longbows, catapults, grappling hooks, rocks, clubs w/spikes, and hundreds of other items developed down through the ages. JAGSC

strandediniowa said...

The true "assault weapons" in the country are members of Congress and administrations past, present and future, who rip the Constitution to shreds.